Why PLC Armidale

Why PLC Armidale?

As a parent it’s right that you want to safeguard your daughter from a world that doesn’t always reflect what you and your family values. Here at PLC Armidale, we do things differently. We don’t try to be everything to everybody, and we know that bigger is not better. We stand for families who care about character as well as academics and co-curricular to prepare our girls for lives of significance.

PLC Armidale intentionally partners with parents to foster the grounded and timeless attributes that empower girls to make a difference in their world. That’s why PLC Armidale is recognised as the pre-eminent school for developing young women of character and purpose in New England and the Northwest.

It is a world-class education with global connections, in the heart — and with the heart — of New England.

Your daughter’s academic, social, spiritual, and physical development is formed by countless moments of significance where they get the opportunity to test their developing self-identity with those around them. Next to your home, school is arguably the single biggest influence on your daughter’s growth, what she believes to be true about herself, and who she becomes.

We know that character defines a young woman: not hobbies, sport, academics, or social groups. They are undeniably important, but it is character and a sense of purpose that shape her future.

Society, and most schools, tend to overestimate the value of events — winning the competition, being invited to a party, the mark on the exam — but underestimate the process of getting there and the lessons learned along the way. Every interaction is important. PLC Armidale is a school where students are known as individuals, loved as if they were our own, and belong to a sisterhood that stands together. Every moment counts.

Your daughter is a great story waiting to happen. The team at PLC Armidale will touch your daughter’s heart as well as her mind as she is guided and prepared for a life of significance.