Pastoral Care

Pastoral care

At PLC Armidale every girl is known as an individual and cared for by our experienced team. One of our key strengths as a school is our practical, faith-based and Positive Psychology framework.

Our Pastoral Care program is tailored to the specific needs of each individual, year group and academic stage, which is further complemented by our vertically-aligned Guild System. Everyone works together to create and maintain a caring environment that encourages resilience and fosters a sense of social justice. Within this context, our students are nurtured to develop signature strengths and to make the most of every moment as they grow into young women of purpose.

New Students

Upon entry into PLC Armidale, each student becomes a member of a Pastoral Care class and a College Guild. Here they feel a sense of belonging and connectedness within the College community. The Pastoral Care classes are year-group based while the Guilds are vertically grouped, incorporating students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The Guild System

There are four Guilds: Dixon, Hamlin, Lovell and Wilkie. These Guilds provide a forum for participation for all girls in the areas of sport, public-speaking, music and drama. Fostering moments of connection within and between every year level allows our girls to build life-long friendships and strengthens our College community. Members of each Guild work together to create and maintain a caring and positive environment in which all students are valued as individuals.

Students also have the support necessary to develop their own potential, independence, confidence and enthusiasm to make a full contribution to College life and their Guild. They enjoy and value academic work and take pride in their achievements. Furthermore, they learn to take responsibility for their actions and interact with others in a sensitive and courteous manner. Each Guild has a Captain and Deputy-Captain elected by members of the Guild and all students are encouraged to pursue leadership roles.

Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology is woven into every aspect of life at PLC Armidale. We teach resilience, forgiveness and gratitude, and an appreciation of personal strengths and positive emotions through our Pastoral Care Program, PDHPE classes, on the sports field and through Outdoor Educational experiences. This paradigm is embedded in every subject taught at the school, in our Chapel services and Bible readings.

All staff consciously teach positive values as we want our girls to be healthy, vibrant and optimistic individuals. We encourage students to be intellectually curious and determined to succeed in all pursuits. Our goal at PLC Armidale is for our students to be happy and benefit from belonging to a sisterhood that stands together and supports one another.


Since our foundation in 1887, PLC Armidale has unashamedly honoured and nurtured the faith and Christian values of our founders. Students in Junior School and Senior School attend a weekly Chapel service where they learn the principles and beliefs that underpin our philosophy, as well as hear from students who have participated in Service Learning Opportunities abroad in Fiji and Thailand.

Our Chaplain oversees the weekly Chapel, and works with the Year 12 Spiritual Leadership team to plan and run our lunchtime Bible Study groups.