Congratulations to our Class of 2023

We are so proud of our Class of 2023.

They gave 110 per cent of themselves to their studies and each other. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Thank you to all our teachers who prepared and supported them so well. We look forward to watching these stars rise as they live their best life.

Our 2023 Head Prefect, Dux and achiever of the highest ATAR score in the College for 2023 – Chiyo Brown – when interviewed by the Canberra Times, said despite her academic success, the ATAR score was not her primary concern.

“It’s not just about how well you did in the exams but how much effort you put in before that; I think that should be the bigger focus,” she said.

“People say it comes down to a number, but getting in the habit of putting in consistent work is going to be really valuable no matter what you’re doing.”

Ad Astra girls!

Our PLC Armidale Advantage is evident once more as, with great delight, I outline a summary of the Class of 2023 Higher School Certificate results.

Many of the girls achieved outstanding individual results, reflecting the focus, self-discipline and resilience that characterised this diverse cohort.

The achievement of the girls, individually and collectively across the subjects studied, exemplifies the culture of learning at PLC Armidale.

Each year, the Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper publishes a list of the top 150 schools in the State. Inclusion on this list is based on the ‘success’ rate of individual schools.

In this context, success is defined as the number of high scores (Band 6/mark over 90 or equivalent) expressed as a percentage of the total number of examination papers sat at the school.

This count does not include subjects studied through an accelerated pattern of study or Distance Education.

Our success rate this year, as published by the Sydney Morning Herald, was 9 per cent, which was the highest in the Armidale region, and an outstanding effort by this cohort.

ATARS (issued by the University Admissions Centre) are not made directly available to schools; however, we have begun hearing back from a number of our students, and we understand at least 10 per cent of the cohort achieved an ATAR over 90.

We offer congratulations to the girls who have attained an ATAR over 90 and to those who achieved an ATAR that will allow them to move into tertiary education of their choice.

A special mention and congratulations to the students who were recognised on the 2023 NSW Distinguished Achievers list, which records students who achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or Band E4) for one or more courses. Gabrielle Cotterell featured on this list prominently, with a Band 6 result in 4 different courses. 

PLC Armidale 2023 Distinguished Achievers:

Anviti Sinha (Accelerated)
Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Advanced

Audrey Tighe
Chinese Continuers

Catherine Alcorn
Drama, Music 1

Chiyo Brown
English Extension 2 ( and as an accelerated student, Chiyo’s Music Extension was nominated for inclusion in ENCORE and achieved 50/50 in the 2022 HSC)

Freja Fitzgerald
Mathematics Standard 2

Gabrielle Cotterell
Drama, English Extension 1, Music 2, Music Extension

Harriet Gilpin

Kaylee Swick
Music 2

Makenzie Robertson
Mathematics Standard 2

Nathea Ping Kee

Nevada Guiance (accelerated)

Phoebe Imberger
Drama, Music 1

Scarlett Loxley (accelerated)
Software Design and Development

This year saw a record number of students nominated for the HSC Showcase exhibitions of exemplary student works and performances.

Congratulations to all HSC Drama students, with each student in the class of 2023 being nominated for inclusion in OnSTAGE for their group performances: Catie Alcorn, Gabrielle Cotterell, Harriet Gilpin, Chantelle Farag, Phoebe Imberger, Seraphina Katta, Nathea Ping-Kee and Makenzie Robertson.

Four students were also nominated for their individual performances for OnSTAGE, and we congratulate Catie Alcorn, Gabrielle Cotterell, Phoebe Imberger and Nathea Ping-Kee for this achievement.

Harriet Gilpin was also nominated for OnSTAGE for her submitted work in HSC Drama Costume Design.

In Music 2, Gabrielle Cotterell was nominated for ENCORE for her outstanding musical performance.

In HSC Dance, Phoebe Imberger was nominated for the HSC Dance Showcase evening, CALLBACK, for her Core Composition.  

Congratulations also to Chiyo Brown, who was selected for inclusion in ENCORE for Music Extension as an accelerated student in 2022.
Recording high bands of achievement is one measure of success, and we are thrilled for the girls whose effort and application have yielded these results, along with the staff who have readied them.

We have also been notified by many of the girls that they have received offers to their courses of choice in a range of Universities and training Colleges, again a measure of success.

Many of these students achieved early entry to a wide range of universities and courses, which highlights the hard work and strong results that they have demonstrated over the course of their Stage 6 studies.

The academic and personal growth of each individual, perseverance through adversity and finishing well are measures of lasting achievement.
The college is very proud of the class of 2023, who have enriched our community throughout their time with their creativity, compassion, and inclusive care of others, qualities that will serve them well in the years ahead.
On behalf of the staff of PLC Armidale, I would like to congratulate the Class of 2023 once more and wish them well in their future endeavours.

Nicola Taylor

PLC Armidale College Principal