Lion’s Roar: ‘Growing up in an increasingly angst-ridden world’

2023 Issue: Week 9, Term 2

Throughout Term Two across the College both grit and grace have been on display. 

Grit is required to turn up to training, coaching, rehearsals week after week easy when the sun is shining, less so when the day is shorter and the weather frosty. Grit is tested when learning is challenging, assessments mount and peer relations seem strained. Grit is strengthened when perseverance pays off, when difficulties are overcome, when the unattainable over time becomes achievable.

Grace is required to seek feedback rather than question a grade. Grace is tested when congratulating those who achieved what you had hoped to, when forgiving someone who has wronged you, when persevering with a friendship that has changed. Grace is strengthened when a fresh start is offered,  seeking the good in others a focus and each new day exactly that, an opportunity to reset and begin again.

Our girls are growing up in an increasingly angst-ridden world where the lack of grit and grace is seen in fractured relationships, low aspirations, and a culture of mediocrity. This was evident in the feedback provided by girls who have enjoyed an experience day with us this term.