Our College employs caterers experienced in providing a variety of nutritious meals to our students. Special diets will be considered if supported by a dietician’s report or recommendation from a medical practitioner. Vegetarian meals form part of the regular menu. Fresh fruit, bread and spreads are always available. Regular meetings are held with the caterers to maintain our high standards and to pass on suggestions from students.

Lunch is available to all students and staff on a daily basis at a cost of $3.90/lunch.  Lunch specials are available on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a Salad Bar is available every day. 

Lunch tickets may be purchased by students in books of 10 at cost of $39. Books of tickets may be obtained from both Senior and Junior School Reception, with students signing for the purchase and the cost then being placed on student accounts.

Dinner tickets may also be purchased individually at a cost of $8 for times when students may need to stay late at school for sports training or musical events.  On these occasions students eat with the Boarders in the Dining Room.